Improving the protection of your fleet is a continuous process.

Up to 75% of collisions between cars and trucks are not the fault of the truck driver.

Video Intelligence™ acts as a neutral eyewitness and protects your drivers and company in case of lawsuits.

In addition to clearing drivers, Video Intelligence is a valuable coaching tool. This allows you to focus on driving behaviors that need improvement, and your fleet becomes safer and more efficient after each coaching session. Studies show that by analyzing and adjusting driving behavior in this way, the number of accidents can be reduced by up to 30%. Making adjustments in speeding and braking too hard results in cost savings because of lower fuel consumption and less claims.

The benefits in a nutshell:

Protect drivers

with Video Intelligence acting as a neutral eye witness in the case of an accident

Enhance driver coaching

by providing visual proof of the behaviors you are trying to improve

Save time

with immediate access to video footage to share with highway police after an accident

Save money

by investing in a solution that helps exonerate drivers from potentially costly litigations

Are you ready to increase the safety of your drivers and your fleet?

Risk management, in real-time.

Truck drivers are among the safest drivers there are. But all it takes is one false claim to tarnish that reputation. With Video Intelligence, that risk is eliminated. You get the complete unbiased picture, from video to engine data, immediately. It helps avoid costly litigation, an increase in premiums, and gives your drivers the confidence to just do what they do best: drive.

But don’t just take it from us. Check out some of these examples where Video Intelligence has helped transport companies evolve towards a safer and better protected fleet.

How does it work?