Two-Channel DVR

The two-channel DVR solution takes up minimal space in the cab and captures high-definition video with up to two cameras. In the event of an incident, the video is immediately available on demand, giving you a neutral eyewitness. Your fleet is also safer and better protected at night.

The two-channel DVR offers you the following benefits:

Simplified Instructions:

With its reduced footprint and accessory power cables installation is quick and easy for any user

Expandable video storage:

Stores more than 72 hours of video and has two SD Card slots for expandable storage

Ruggedized equipment:

Commercial-grade hardware that’s built specifically for the transportation industry, giving you reliable connectivity wherever your drivers go

Videos on-demand:

Remotely request videos you need in REAL-TIME, instantaneously viewable through the Video Intelligence portal and on connected smart devices

The hardware bundle includes:

Optional extra cameras