Give your fleet a full view of the road.

The four-channel DVR delivers the whole picture.

With the four-channel DVR, your drivers don’t just get a camera. They get a co-pilot who always protects them and helps them with coaching to adjust their driving behavior. It’s not about watching them. It’s about watching out for them.

With up to four cameras - synchronized wirelessly via the on-board computer with FMS data directly from the truck - you have a real-time 360° view of the entire truck. In the event of an incident, you can download the video for the police or the insurance company. And at the office, you have easy access to useful information about speeding and overall driving behavior.

There are countless success stories where Video Intelligence has saved fleets from annoying lawsuits, simply by providing the real truth.

With a four-channel DVR from Trimble, you can:

Cover your entire fleet:

Forward-facing, rear-facing and trailer cameras give a 360˚ view around the truck

Crystalize your view:

High definition cameras record at 12 frames a second so you can catch all the details

Control the story:

Customer-controlled settings are baked right in for event-triggered video footage

Improve behaviors:

Monitor hard-braking, speeding and more to help coach high-risk drivers towards a safer and more efficient journey

The hardware bundle includes:

Optional extra cameras